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Brasil Offshore - Oil & Gas Exhibition and Conference in 2013
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Brasil Offshore 

Name: Brasil Offshore 2013

Date:  June 11 to 14, 2013 (Every two years)

Location: Brazil Macae Centro 


1.Market introduction

Brazil is the largest country in South America, area, population, economic gross ranks the first in South America,neighboring countries and regions.

Petrobras decided to increase investment to $87.1 billion from 2007 to 2011, more than 5 years plan of $56.4 billion growth of 54.43%. Plan by 2015, Oil and gas production a day  up to 4.556 million barrels of oil. Petrobras sets up long-term investment plans for the first time in history. According to Petrobras development strategy, the focus of the investment is to ensure the stability of self-sufficiency in oil, increasing gas production to strive for self-sufficiency in the short run, expanding petrochemical industry . In the total investment, $75 billion investment in Brazil (86.1%), $12.1 billion is overseas investment, $17.4 billion annual investment, investment orientation focused on oil and gas exploration and exploitation of ($40.7 billion), network construction investment of $23 billion, natural gas and energy industry investment of $7.2 billion, distribution investment of $2.2 billion.

According to Petrobras issued a statement saying, Brazil proposed LNG re-gasification terminals, the terminal and a gas pipeline on the outskirts of Riode Janeiro are linked together to a compression station , planing to outputting 20 million cubic meters of natural gas a day in the first half of next year. Brazil's natural gas consumption growth at a rate of  17.5% a year, predicts that by 2011 daily natural gas demand in Brazil will rise from 42 million cubic meter to the 120 million cubic meters now.

2. Exhibition introduction

Oil & Gas Exhibition and Conference began in 2001. It is jointly organized and promoted by Reed Exhibitions Alcantara Machado in the oil city Macae. Macae is the main business base of oil exploration, drilling and mining in Brazil. Oil production accounts for more than 80% of total Brazil's oil production.So the exhibition certainly will attract the arrival of engineers and professional team of oil RIGS and offshore platforms, who work on bases and other oil companies in Brazil.

In 2011, the exhibition collected more than 600 enterprises exhibitors, mainly from China, France, Britain, the Netherlands, the United States, Germany etc .Exhibition area reached more than 31200 square meters.In addition, the exhibition also attracted more than 50000 professionals from 26 countries to visit and do business.It has become the best platform of  products, which has been recognized by all the exhibitors and the industries in South America market.

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